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4 years ago

iE33 user manual

Could you please post iE33 the user manual? I'm a new user of this machine. Great appreacite your help. Jack
a year agoReply from DeanChuks
avatar placemark I will download andsend you user manual(Instruction for Use IFU) for free You can also press the help button and help your self. chidozie.ekezie@gmail.com +2349090412974 For any futher question, contact Philips heqlthcare in your region
a year agoReply from Habeeb Rahman
avatar placemark i am using IE33. and it is too slow. is that possible to transfer patient data to DVD.
4 years agoReply from phillipwd@comcast.net
avatar placemark The user manual actually resides on the machine itself. Pull out the Qwerty keyboard and select the help button. It will then pop up on the monitor.
4 years agoReply from jack2000
avatar placemark Dear Kaylee, Thanks lots for your reply and having a great day. Jack
4 years agoReply from MedWrenchManager
jack2000 All available documents can be found under the resource tab on the product page, here. You may need to contact Philips directly for the user manual.

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