Fri Nov 29 2013

Video output

I am an OBGYN working at mission hospital in rural Honduras.  I know nothing about the inner workings of the fetal monitor, so please bear with me.  We started the OB program 2 years ago and have one of the cheap all-in-one monitors that have a little 4 inch display.  It is pretty hard to read and useless for subtile changes in heart rate.  So, I am looking to see if I can find an older monitor that will give me video output to a video monitor.  I am under the impression that the newer models have proprietary software that will enable output to a video monitor, but this would be cost prohibitive for my hospital.  My question is there an older model that will give me the ability to hook up a simple flat screen monitor to have a visual of the fetal heart rate pattern without having to buy extra software?  I have worked with Philips, Corometrics, GE, and HP in the past and they seem to be very good machines.  I can get most anything on ebay, so if you have any information about a model that will work, please let me know.  

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