Mon Feb 10 2014

ac conversion from 110vac to 220vac

is it possible for the force 1c to be converted to from 110vac to 220vac without rewinding its transformer?

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Wed Feb 12 2014Reply from Anonymous
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Under the Power Cord connection are the Main Fuses....there are two ways to plug the Fuse Drawer sets the unit for 110-120 nominal (85-135 min-max), the other way sets the unit for 220-240 nominal (170-270 min-max.)

Answer provided by Paul D., Biomedical Equipment Support Specialist at Veterans Administration, via LinkedIN

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Thu Feb 13 2014Reply from Fredie_fedelino

I've already consider that option, but as you open the unit, you'll see that it supplied 110vac to a separate board before it goes to the transformer. maybe there is some switching to do at this board but im not sure what is it. my reference manual is not complete thats why im having a hard time on this. anyway thanks for the reply! 

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Fri Feb 14 2014Reply from Ron Morey
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Fredie, in that vintage of Valleylab they would use a transformer to select 110/220 for the control and generate circuits only. The power stage was powered by line voltage. The schematic I have shows connector PO313 pin3 for 230V line and pin1 used for 115V line. Neutral in both cases goes to HO312 pin1. Does this agree with what you presently have?

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