Tue Mar 25 2014

System Error/Limited Function

Please help, our Responder 2000 have errors 801, 806 and 899 messages. We cannot use the defib and SPO2.

Please reply at milavill@yahoo.com


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Wed Mar 26 2014Reply from Gantry

SpO2 Not Working 

Verify the Responder 2000 has a SpO2 Main Board installed.  Check the About screen. “SpO2 - - - -” indicates a non-SpO2 Main Board is installed in the unit.  1. Connect the Responder 2000 to a SpO2 simulator with the appropriate sensor.  If the Responder 2000 SpO2 display does not agree with the simulator setting, substitute a known good SpO2  sensor.  2. Check SPO2 cable.  3. Check cable from Front Panel to SPO2 Board.  4. Replace SPO2 Board.  5. Replace Main Board   Here is a link to the service manual

If the shock is unsuccessful:    1. Replace the Paddles/Pads/Spoons.  2. Check the cables between the Rear Panel and the Therapy Board.  3. Check the cable between the Therapy Board and the Main Board.  4. Replace the Therapy Board.  5. Replace the Main Board.

****Main board probably suspect. Check all connections.


hope this helps


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