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Highly sophisticated intensive care ventilation for your patients in an MRI environment.

The bellavista 1000 mr intensive care ventilator allows you unlimited freedom in your intra-hospital transfers. Even in an MRI environment you can now continue your lung-protective ventilation strategy for your patients without any limitations. To this end, bellavista 1000 mr provides you with state-of-the-art ventilation technology. During the time spent in the MRI scanner additional safety is provided by the magnetic field strength indicator of the MR-Guard module.


HK Klein Infiltration Pump Set Up

Learn about the AMSCO 110LS & 250LS from STERIS Life Sciences.

GE Logiq 9 - DICOM Setup

GE Logiq E9 - DICOM Setup

GE Vivid E9 - DICOM Setup

GE Vivid E9 - Creating a Backup

GE Vivid 7 - DICOM Setup

GE Vivid 7 - Creating a Backup

GE Vivid 7 - Software Installation

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