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Air Techniques' ScanX Digital Radiography Systems - Digital Imaging Without Limits. Your complete digital X-ray solution that works with ALL image sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4; Panoramic; Cephalometric; and TMJ. ScanX utilizes photo stimulable phosphor (PSP) technology. T

Dr. Kurtzman talks about why he favors ScanX Digital Radiography for his imaging needs. ScanX is manufactured by Air Techniques. Inc.

Ergolet's door connector, as a wall mounted solution, is the preferred choice by architects and building contractors, because of its elegant and compact design. The door connector is suitable for most wall widths. And because it is mounted very close to the wall surface taking up little space in the room, the desired room covering area is exploited optimally.

Learn how to perform assisted gait training with a ceiling hoist.

Learn how to lift from a bed to a toilet chair with ceiling hoist Molift Air.

Learn how to lift from a bed to a wheelchair with ceiling hoist Molift Air. This video gives useful tips on safe moving and handling. Prior to using any Etac product, an individual risk assessment should be conducted.

Fri Jun 28 2019

Molift Nomad

Carestream's Clinical Collaboration Platform is an enterprise imaging system that gives all those who provide, manage, receive and reimburse care the ability to access the clinical data and images they need, using the preferred platform for each workflow and setting. Through full integration with the enterprise's electronic medical or health record, meaningful clinical data within its appropriate context is always available for delivery to key stakeholders.

Product page: The UniPulse 400 is designed to comprehensively test all defibrillators accurately and efficiently. The large vibrant colour screen will display both test results and waveforms in amazing detail. The dedicated fast keys and simple to use operating system enables test engineers to select the relevant test function in seconds.

Fractora delivers bipolar RF energy to various depths in the skin through an array of pin electrodes creating micro lesion zones of ablation, coagulation and heating, leading to rejuvenation and contraction. It can be combined with other procedures for superior outcomes previously only obtained with excisional surgery.

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