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Dr 100e

RE: AGFA - DR 100e

Ancoris pet scanner

RE: MiE - Ancoris

Investigating immune cell characterization? A quick demonstration of a multiplexed characterization overall workflow, to simultaneously characterize both phenotypes and cytokines, using a single 384 well plate. Here the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform, including Forecyt® software, is used with an iQue Qbead® kit. Watch how proprietary sampling technology enables miniaturized sample volumes, ease of use, fast walk-away operation and real-time data analysis

RE: Sartorius - iQue3

Feb 16 2022

Viora Reaction

RE: Viora - Reaction

Feb 10 2022

Sciolgex SCi-12

RE: Scilogex - SCI-12

Feb 10 2022

Sciolgex EZee

RE: Scilogex - EZee

Feb 10 2022

Scilogex SCI636

RE: Scilogex - SCI636

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