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The iQue® 3 platform is a complete instrument, reagents, and software solution for multiplexed analysis of cells and beads streamlined to rapidly generate results not just data. In addition to rapid setup and analysis, this advanced flow cytometry platform has the fastest sample acquisition in the industry and a newly integrated Enhanced Rinse Station. Whether your destination is identifying a new drug candidate, screening for specific antibody clones, characterizing T Cells, or developing the latest immunotherapy, the iQue3 can get the answers to your research questions faster. Enabling your research to stay ahead of the curve.

RE: Sartorius - iQue3

Investigating immune cell characterization? A quick demonstration of a multiplexed characterization overall workflow, to simultaneously characterize both phenotypes and cytokines, using a single 384 well plate. Here the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform, including Forecyt® software, is used with an iQue Qbead® kit. Watch how proprietary sampling technology enables miniaturized sample volumes, ease of use, fast walk-away operation and real-time data analysis

RE: Sartorius - iQue3

Feb 16 2022

Viora Reaction

RE: Viora - Reaction

Feb 10 2022

Sciolgex SCi-12

RE: Scilogex - SCI-12

Feb 10 2022

Sciolgex EZee

RE: Scilogex - EZee

Feb 10 2022

Scilogex SCI636

RE: Scilogex - SCI636

Feb 10 2022

Scilogex SCI506

RE: Scilogex - SCI506

Feb 10 2022

Sciolgex SCI406

RE: Scilogex - SCI406

Jan 25 2022

Scilogex DM0412

RE: Scilogex - DM0412

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